About Deep B.V

Based in Amsterdam, Deep B.V operated a global fleet of modern and multi-purpose survey vessels. The vessels are equiped with all needs for multi- disciplinary surveys like UXO detection for offshore wind farms. Often, Deep sets the standard in the market when it comes to aquiring reliable geographical data and is innovative by offering the first remote operated survey in the maritime market. That is also why Oceansat comes in.


Deep B.V.


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Oceansat 4G Pro

The Challenge

The survey market is heading for exiting times. Traditionally the data that survey vessels collect is stored on board an unlocked at shore. But, clients are becoming more demanding and the need for realtime data transfer is almost mandatory. Besides the increasing demand for real time data, survey vessels need an flexible airtime contract on VSAT satellite and 4G connectivity without the risk of high billshocks which would destroy their business model. Up to now there was no solution for such in the maritime industry.

“Oceansat provides a solution that uses all connection types such as 4G, L-band and VSAT satellite. But then managed from the head office via a cloud management system that makes high bills a thing of the past”

Deep B.V

The Solution

In cooperation with Deep we designed an reliable, standard infrastructure on board of all the vessels, together with 4G and satellite connectivity. Main focus was:
  • Managing cheapest connectivity, as far as possible from shore.
This means 4G connectivity from shore with dedicated MiMo 4G antennas and SD-WAN modem, which currently offers up to 40 miles from shore.
  • Gain insight on the vessels network to control data transfer and troubleshooting
We supply an web based management solution that gives realtime insight in the network users, infrastructure and WAN quality which, in combination with other data, offer a clear view on the reliability of the transfered data.
  • Control the financials
Our airtime contracts are flat rate and without any billshocks. Unlimited data on 4G and satellite is giving the shipping company the peace of mind they need to focus on the vessels survey operations
  • flexibility
We offer maximum flexibility by offering up and downgrades almost per day. Short term contracts, dayrates, daily up and downgrades up to 20Mbps on High Throughput Satellites, flexible 4G datapool without the fear of billshocks and their own platform to up and downgrade the VSAT connection when they need to.

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Main advantages

  • Own portal to up and downgrade bandwidth to adapt to the need of their customer. No long procedures anymore
  • Usage of multiple technologies like Wi-Fi WAN, VSAT and 4G LTE-Advanged in 1 solution; Oceansat connectivity.
  • Auto failover for maximum reliablity
  • 1 bill without the risk of an billshock
  • Global 4G and VSAT solution with the same carastics everywhere in the world.
  • Airtime, support and service from one 4G/Satellite specialized partner.

Try one month for free!
Not satisfied? You’ll get your money back.


Try one month for free!
Not satisfied? You’ll get your money back.