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Windcat Workboats owns and operates a growing fleet of over 44 offshore crew transfer vessels, mainly in the European offshore wind sector, but also in the oil and gas industry and outside Europe. The vessels are designed and built by Windcat and, as such, include over 16 years of experience in the field. The vessel’s layout and propulsion is optimised to transfer personnel offshore in a safe and comfortable environment. Windcat’s organisation provides the highest quality of service, enabling the charterer to perform their work offshore without delay. The focus on safety has the highest priority in the operation of the vessels and can be found throughout the organisation. The size of our fleet and the variety of vessels ensures that we can deliver the right vessel to each project.


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Oceansat 4G Pro

The Challenge

On the vessels LAN side the biggest challenge was to provide tickets with data quotas per month to the crew and insight in what is happening on the vessel when the connection is congested by video or other downloads with a high payload.

The second challenge was the cancellation of roaming. Since that has been cancelled in Europe, customers can benefit from larger data pools and thus higher data consumption. On the hardware side you need equipment that can manage the higher data throughput. That was not within the current solution.

“We are connected up to 45nm from the coast to the 4G network and if that does not work by accident, a satellite connection will take over automatically”

JR Shipping

The Solution

Oceansat 4G Pro. This sophisticated maritime system keeps the crew online via 4G even 35 nautical miles from shore and when out of 4G range it picks up a satellite connection for mandatory operational data transfer, which keeps them online even 100 nautical miles from shore. When the system detects when the 4G connection is down, it automatically switch to the satellite connection. Oceansat software knows the connection is on satellite, and only allows E-mail or VoIP to avoid high billshocks via Inmarsat L-band. At shore, the IT department has a clear view on the vessels network via het Incontrol management software. It knows IP addresses, realtime-insight in users and data traffic and real-time administration by amending the firewall, QOS or in/outbound policies on the fly. This way the captain can concentrate on sailing the vessel and the IT department can give maximum support to their colleagues at sea.

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Try one month for free!
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