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The most frequently asked questions about Oceansat, our services, financing options and used internet techniques can be found here.


1 – What are the pros and cons of the Oceansat Pro package

You want to serve your staff with internet. As far as possible from the coast. And your clients always send an E-mail with mandatory documents? But you want to do that in a controlled and secure environment without getting high bills or having unsafe connections. If you want this, the Oceansat Pro package is the best choice. A disadvantage is that after you are outside the 4G zone (with our configuration that is 45 miles from the coast) you have access to a limited data bundle that is not fast.

2 – What are the pros and cons of the Oceansat Enterprise package

You want to use unlimited internet both within and outside the 4G zone for a fixed and clear amount per month without billshock, but with the most secure connection in shipping. If your answer is yes, then the Oceansat Enterprise package is best for you.

3 – How do you guarantee 45 mile reception from the coast?

We have advanced measuring equipment that we use on request to get a precise picture of the coverage area of ​​your preference. This way you know in advance which provider can be used at which location.

4 – Which coverage area does your 4G solution support

Belgium – Bulgaria – Cyprus (Greek part) – Denmark – The Netherlands Germany – Estonia – Finland – France – Sweden – Greece – Hungary Ireland – Italy – Czech Republic – Croatia – Latvia – Lithuania – Luxembourg United Kingdom – Malta – Austria – Poland – Portugal – Iceland Romania – Slovenia – Slovakia – Spain – Norway – Liechtenstein Switzerland – Vatican City – San Marino.

5 – What is the coverage area of your Oceansat VSAT connection?

See coverage map

6 – What is unlimited 4G?

As indicated, many providers use the term “unlimited”. However, this is still limited because this condition only applies to money in the Netherlands or an activation must be made after a certain data usage per day, week or month. Or the speeds are set back. This is therefore not the case with our proposal. Unlimited is really unlimited throughout the EU. Without high bills or surprises.

7 – How do you make sure that you have the most reliable and secure internet connection at sea?

Our connections have an advanced firewall and VPN facility as standard. In addition, we allow all traffic to be landed in a secure and managed data center to ensure that it arrives securely in your corporate network. In addition, we provide cyber security solutions that comply with IMO MSC-FAL.1 / Circ.3 2 and IMO resolution MSC.428 (98) maritime Cyber ​​Risk managing regulations on this subject. With our measures we provide measures that address in a professional way the risks that internet connections on board ships entail. With our solution we confirm the presence of the threat of cyber crime and we encourage shipowners to take action against this. With our Oceansat platform we want to play a role in protecting and discovering cyber crime risks in particular.

8 – Why do you say that you can receive 4G signal beyond 20NM off the coast?

We are also familiar with the fact that, as a rule, a ship only has 20NM off shore 4G reception. This has to do with standard knowledge that is conservatively assessed by the providers and the lack of focus on the maritime industry. However, we have a configuration that specializes entirely in the maritime industry with MiMo antennas, SD-WAN routers and specialist cabling. In addition, we sailed ourselves to fine-tune this for a maximum range and we have advanced equipment to measure all this. This makes Oceansat 4G the most reliable 4G connection available at sea.

9 – Do you offer global 4G coverage

Yes, we should know which regions you visit.

10 – Do you offer global VSAT coverage?

Of course. However, this is on special request and we should know the regions of your sailing area. We could possibly also offer a global roaming profile, but we see in practice that this entails unnecessarily high costs.

11 – What is the maximum throughput of the VSAT?

On the 60 cm system we have a transfer speed of 20/3 Mbps and on our 100 cm system we have a transfer speed of 24/6 Mbps. These are maximum transfer rates.

12 – Does you Oceansat VSAT has unlimited data? Or do you have an FUP/FAB policy?

Yes, you can make unlimited use of our VSAT connections. Without FUP or FAB or other condition in the small print.

13 – Do you offer VSAT Only?

We offer a managed Hybrid platform with a specialization on 4G and VSAT connectivity. If we offer VSAT Only, we always provide a 4G connection for back-up service and support. In that sense we always have a hybrid connection.

14 – Which satellite platform do you use for Oceansat?

Basically that is Idirect X7 because of the quality in the network and proven uptime of 99.8%.

15 – What do you mean with 5G ready? Surely this has not been rolled out yet?

No, it is true that 5G has not yet been rolled out. However, this will happen. If this is the case, you have a configuration that can handle this with your current Oceansat 4G package. Both the antennas and the modem are made to receive 5G frequencies.

16 – Where is your VoIP server located?

In the teleport. We do this to reduce delays on the line caused by calling via satellite networks.

17 – Do you support VoIP telephony?

Yes! And through bonding and WAN smoothing, for example, we ensure that this happens as reliably as possible.

18 – Do you offer temporary forms of subscription?

Yes, connections from 1 week to 36 months are normal with us. Our service is very flexible and includes hardware, airtime, configuration and support. You don’t have to worry about your connection. We do all the work for you.

19 – What does MiMo say?

MiMo stands for multiple in / multiple out. Simply put, to achieve 4G LTE speeds, multiple signals are sent by the mast. These signals must also be able to be received by the antennas on board. That is why if you want to make maximum use of the 4G / LTE network you must always have 2 pieces of 4G antennas on board or 1 piece of MiMo 2×2 4G antenna.

20 – What is the dimension of the VSAT antenna in the Oceansat EMEA package?

The size is 60 cm or 100 cm.

21 – What can I do when I need support?

We have a dedicated telephone number for all your technical questions which can be reached between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. +31108080136 or you send an E-mail to This E-mail address is available 24/7 and is also monitored by our support engineers.


1 – Why is your VPN connection ideal for shipping?

A VPN connection is basically a secure connection between 2 IP addresses that are preset. A VPN connection can generally not handle changing IP addresses well. And a ship sometimes changes its IP address because it sails through different transmission towers and connects on multiple networks (from 4G to VSAT for example). In the event that the IP address changes, the VPN connection is also lost. That against the IT policy of your company. With our solution the VPN connection remains, even if you change IP address and / or network.

2 – You do guarantee no bill shocks, how is that possible?

We are an independent internet provider that strives for the most reliable, secure and cheap connection. That is why we are point of activation for many providers and we can set up blockages in the network that prevent an uncontrolled situation from arising and you therefore receive unexpectedly high bills. So what we agree with each other is the monthly cost. And no more or less. Clear, reliable and inexpensive.

3 – What is included in the packages that you offer?

The packages as mentioned on the website contain the following components: all hardware, airtime and support to establish a reliable and secure connection on board your ship, including Wi-Fi access points (2 pieces) and network configuration in the office. But excluding installation, travel and accommodation costs.

4 – What does your try-before-you-buy entail?

You can use all our products for 1 to 3 months. Is your Oceansat product or our service not good? Then you just get your money back and we come to collect the products from you.

5 – Which guarantee periods do you use?

A minimum of 2 years warranty applies to all our products.

6 – What is the impact of a professional modem?

A good modem receives all frequencies and bands on which the various providers broadcast. So, for the selection of a modem, you should actually pay attention to that. For example, if your preferred network is KPN, they may have made agreements with other networks on which you are admitted. This is of course arranged in the SIM. However, then you must be sure that your modem receives all those frequencies and bands. Because it is not possible to sort this out at the provider level, you better keep control and buy a modem / router that covers all bands. We naturally supply such modems and are happy to advise you on this!

7 – Does steel or aluminum influence the signal?

For internet reception on board it is still the case that it reflects steel or aluminum and therefore adversely affects the signal strength. This is something that can only be solved with outdoor antennas. With an outside antenna you ensure that your signal comes from the outside (wired) and that a Wi-Fi connection can be set up with the 4G modem via a so-called access point.

8 – Which factors cause the most interference on an internet connection?

We notice that the LAN has the most impact on the optimum performance of a network. If the users are not properly managed from the modem, then a lot of down and uploads result in a moderate experience of the internet. In addition, automatic updates of windows and cloud applications cause many problems on the network.

9 – Are weather conditions harmful to an internet connection at sea?

Yes, rain, fog, snow and clouds provide a damping of the signal strength and therefore the range. Sometimes, for example, the fog can be so dense that an internet connection is completely lost.

10 – Why is it so important to have a good Wi-Fi Access Point

An underestimated component in a network is the Wi-Fi Access Point. This transmits the signal to your equipment at a certain power. Because you are often in a relatively small space, this signal can be too loud. Or, because you do not have the right equipment, this can of course also be too soft. For example, it may happen that you have a nice range, that you are in the middle of civilization and still experience poor internet. With our modems / routers and access points you can manage, set and check all of this. Via our cloud-based help software we can also assist you free of charge in making an analysis of whether this is indeed the case.

11 – What is SD-WAN

SD-WAN stands for Software Defined Wide Area Network. There are many advantages for shipping because the SD-WAN technology programmed into our routers controls the entire network. The software determines which connection may be used based on costs or quality, whether or not the staff has access, and much more. More than 500 ships now use our platform with more than 1500 people who go on the internet reliably and securely on a daily basis.

12 – Which networks do you use?

We use Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, T-mobile, Vodafone, KPN, Jasper, AT&T, Telenor, Eutelsat, SES and Intelsat networks.

13 – Have you taken into account a firewall and VPN in your standard configuration?

Yes, all our connections have an advanced firewall and VPN facility.

14 – How do you monitor the connections you provide?

We can monitor and manage all connections in 1 portal. This is one of the most important benefits of our service. You remain in control literally and figuratively through this portal.

Do you have your own helpline?


Do you have a ticket system?


Can I exchange my current equipment?


What is the difference between Oceansat Pro and Oceansat Enterprise?


What is an L-band connection?


Which networks does Oceansat support?


Which brands do you represent and integrate?



15 – Do you have your own helpline?

Yes, we offer our own service and support to our customers where personal contact is paramount. We prefer to avoid ticket systems or other formalities.

16 – Do you have a ticket system

No, we have not used this to date.

17 – Can I exchange my current equipment?

Yes, we are happy to trade in your old communication or IT equipment. Our partner or account manager takes stock of the current situation and is happy to calculate the current value for you.

18 – What is the difference between Oceansat Pro and Oceansat Enterprise?

We integrate an L-band connection within the Oceansat Pro package. A VSAT Unlimited connection is included in the Oceansat enterprise packages.

19 – What is an L-band connection?

L-band is often used as mobile satellite communication and works between 1,518-1,675 MHz. L-band is ideal for targeted communication such as E-mail or telephony. However, not suitable for using high data volumes due to relatively low internet speed and high costs. Because we are a point of activation for all major L-band providers, we can take measures in the network to prevent high costs. SD-WAN platform together with a 4G connection and therefore the L-band connection provides the ideal mix so that you always keep your clients and staff happy.

20 – Which networks does Oceansat support?

We integrate into the various packages of terrestrial connections (3G / 4G and 5G ready equipment and subscriptions), Inmarsat and Iridium L-band connections and VSAT Ku / Ka HTS connections. Each package has its own connections and therefore also coverage area.

21 – Which brands do you represent and integrate?

We actually use all the renowned communication equipment that is available and enrich that with our own software solutions. Intellian, Sailor, iDirect X7, Comtech, JRC, Furuno, Cisco, Advantek, Teltonika, Peplink, AC Marine, Dell, HP, Promarine, Oceansat, Cobham and Poynting are just a few of our products.


1 – Do you perform a credit check on your lease product?

In some cases, the amounts are so high that we take it for granted. This provides peace of mind for both parties. However, it is also possible without a check. Ask your account manager or partner about the possibilities.

2 – Do I have to make an downpayment on lease?

No, you lease with us without a down payment. However, it is true that a down payment makes the monthly installments lower or shortens the term.

3 – Which products can I lease?

You can lease all your IT equipment with us. From a simple laptop to complex VSAT satellite equipment.

4 – What are the pros and cons of leasing?

Advantages are mainly in the management of your cash flow because you do not have to make large investments. In addition, you know what you have lost per month because we use fixed monthly installments. That provides clarity. And we finance 100% of the investment so that you have a clear contract without any problems. On a technical level, the biggest advantage is that you always have up-to-date equipment with the same and sometimes even better guarantees, such as with purchase. And you can invest outside of your budget cycle. With us you also retain the personal relationship and service, so that you can go to 1 party for all your technical and financial matters.

5 – Which forms of lease do you offer?

We offer both financial and operational lease.

6 – What is operational lease?

This form can be compared to rent, whereby the leasing company becomes the owner of the leased objects and runs the risk of impairment. The reseller determines whether he offers additional services to the customer, which can also be co-financed in some cases. An advantage of this lease form is that it is off-balance financing, so the lease objects do not appear on the balance sheet as assets. This improves the ratios of your company and banks are very interested in that. The rent that you pay periodically is seen as costs.

7 – What is financial lease?

This form of lease is comparable to payment, whereby the customer immediately becomes the owner of the leased object and the object is placed on the balance sheet as assets. Maintenance, repairs and insurance are arranged by the owner. Investment deduction is possible, which is why it can be interesting to find out whether this also applies to your lease objects. The investment must, as stated, be placed on the balance sheet and one must therefore write off on the assets.

8 – Which products can I rent?

You can rent satellite telephones and 4G / 5G ready equipment from us for temporary projects from 1 week up to 6 months.

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