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Oceansat: Reliable internet for shipping

Internet at sea

Oceansat is the first true global hybrid connectivity platform integrating hardware, airtime, support and cyber security into one monthly, fixed subscription! Our promise to you? No more billshocks.

One connectivity provider

Oceansat benefits


3 year warranty

On installation including software updates.


Automatically Affordable

Hardware automatically switches to the cheapest connection.


Flexible finance

We have global, independent lease solutions for long or short term contracts for maximum financial flexiblity.


Independent provider

We offer solutions that are best for your situation, We represent known brands like Intellian, Sailor, Peplink, iDirect, T-Mobile, KPN, SES and Telenor.



Our bonding solution enables you to bind together different connections. 4G/LTE or VSAT from multiple providers to ensure maximum reliability.


Secured Connectivity

Marine grade cyber thread protection that complies to future IMO and MCS resolutions

Software defined connectivity

Case Studies

Leading shipping companies rely on Oceansat

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