Billshocks belong to the past

Oceansat is the first true global hybrid connectivity platform integrating hardware, airtime and cyber security in one monthly, fixed subscription. It is a product suite that is customized for the shipping industry taking reliability, security and cost control into account as the biggest advantages that a connectivity platform can offer to a ship.


More efficient business operations with our monitoring service

IoT sensors measure the fuel consumption of the ship or monitor the temperature r on board. The result? Smarter and realtime insight into business processes that you can improve to reduce operational costs or eliminate risks.


Minimize maintenance costs with ‘Remote Assistance’

In shipping it is difficult to quickly get an engineer on site. While solving the problem is not complicated most of the time, as long as the engineer can see what happens. We fix 90% of the problems remotely using ‘augmented reality.


How we save cost with our cloud based internet solution?

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